Standing for Equality

AT&T supports legislative reforms that advance racial equality and social justice for all. We are committed to standing up for justice and elevating diverse voices in our state’s conversation about the future of policing.
In California, the State Legislature is considering several reforms to promote more equitable justice. We are supporting the following three pieces of legislation that align with AT&T’s police reform policy priorities:

AB 2054: creates a pilot program administered by the California Office of Emergency Services to provide financial support to community organizations responding to emergency issues such as substance abuse, mental health disturbances and domestic violence.

AB 1299: will help make sure that local police departments do not hire problematic officers who have a history of serious misconduct.

AB 1196: would make it illegal for officers to use the carotid hold to detain a suspect.
Read AT&T California’s letter of support
Please consider submitting the letter below to your local California State Elected Official to let them know you support police reform in California. Click in the box if you’d like to personalize your letter.

Participation, whether at work or on your own time, is entirely voluntary.
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